Live Camera Lessons

live camera instructionSome people learn well on their own with printed material.  Some like video or audio instruction.  For many who are struggling to grow their camera skills though, the thing that stands between them and success is not knowing where to go for some personalized instruction from an experienced camera tutor.  Stephen Drew has that experience, and at the time of this writing in August 2018 we’re putting the systems together here on this website where you’ll be able to schedule a private lesson with him via Skype for a modest fee.

How Does It Work?

First, you’ll need to be a Skype user – preferably with a large screen laptop or desktop that lets you view screen-shared images, including Powerpoint slides and Photoshop and Lightroom procedures.  Try to find a quiet place without distractions where you can hear and take notes.  Your computer setup needs a working camera, microphone and speaker.   Skype is a free program for use with Macs or PCs, and the connection with Skype on my computer(s) will also be free to both of us (Charges apply when Skyping to a telephone, so be sure to not make a phone call via Skype to us for any reason:  It won’t be received.  Email us with your questions or concerns at the address found on the right side of this page).  All lessons will be booked through our automated scheduling function here on our website (click the blue “Need a Tutor” tab below).  Select a date and time preference, then continue on to the Paypal page where you’ll prepay for the session, either using Paypal itself, or a credit card through their secure website (near the bottom of their page).  You’ll receive a confirmation when your payment goes through.  When your lesson time arrives, you’ll call the username given to you, and if all goes well things will proceed as planned.  If for any reason that doesn’t happen, your lesson can be rescheduled.  Refunds won’t be given unless the problem is on our end.  We’re not here to hurt or rip anyone off, but this is a new venture and we’re learning as we go.  Please give us a chance to make things right if … WHEN we encounter bumps along the way.

What To Expect

Almost every initial session begins with, “Where would you like to be with your photography in five or ten years?”.  Often I’ll also ask if you have any skill that you’re particularly interested in learning.  Lacking that specific direction, we’ll work from a slideshow that’s the result of teaching basic principles to both individuals and groups since 2010.  No two classes are exactly the same, and you should expect to hear a strong emphasis on learning the basics, and the importance of practice.  The lessons are directed at SLR users as a rule – especially those who are trying to get out of the automatic settings, or those who are exploring a career in wedding, portrait, architecture or some other photography specialty.  Flash is my favorite “off camera” topic, and I also have a strong interest and background in the business of photography as well.  Most of the shooting I do for money these days is product photography, so if that’s your interest I’m sure we’ll have a lot to talk about!

Bring your camera and have some way to take notes.  Bring a friend too if you’d like.  It gets a bit crowded on that screen with more than one, but it’s your dime.  Thanks to all you early adapters for taking a chance on us in our early days!  All of your constructive feedback is appreciated!