My Camera Tutor?

How many pages are in the typical camera user manual?  A hundred?  Two hundred?  Of those, how many of those pages cover the essential camera skills that every photographer has to master in order to become truly successful:  Five pages?  Maybe ten?  Most camera books are no different.  You can learn from books of course, but most new camera owners aren't prepared to spend the time and effort to figure out what they need to know from all that there is to know.

If that describes you, then here's a suggestion:  When I'm working with students one-on-one, our initial session is an overview of the whole subject that lasts about an hour and a half.  It covers too much material really, but is meant to lay the groundwork, and to put subsequent lessons into perspective.  For example, nearly everyone leaves that first session determined to add two two things to their life with cameras:  A tripod and a speedlight flash.

My suggestion is that you click on the link on this page labeled "Audio Class Excerpt".  It's a short clip from the audio version of that first class.  If we were meeting face-to-face my rate is $40 per hour.  This audio download is a small fraction of that, and it has two advantages over sitting with me:  One is that audio makes you think, and photography definitely requires that.  The other is that you can play the audio over and over as often as you'd like, and whenever you need it.

Thanks for coming!  Say hello on Facebook... and good shooting!   Stephen Drew

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Camera Skills

Find general camera knowledge topics (shutter, aperture, ISO, focus, sharpness, exposure, etc.) under the Camera tab.  For specialty shooting tips, use one of the other tabs in our navigation at the top and bottom of each page, or type a keyword into our search field.

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Editing Skills

We're not primarily a photo-editing website, but photo-editing is as much a part of photography as cooking is to food.  Look under our Editing tab for generic tips that can be applied to any editing program.

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Specialty Topics

Weddings, product photography, shooting recipes, flash, etc!

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