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Download the free PDF e-book (above) or the MP3 Audio version of the book for $9.99 (below).  Camera skills are like driving skills.  First the head knowledge:  Then turning that knowledge into skill with lots of practice.   Audio can be a great way to learn photography principles because repetition is much easier than when reading text, and also audio makes us envision unseen things in our cameras, just as real shooting does.  Use this blue button to download your copy:

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69 MB – 80 minutes continuous play (chapters are not searchable in playback)

paypal exampleTable of Contents
Intro – A Strategy for Success
Chapter 1 Your Camera – Taking vs. Making
Chapter 2 Exposure – The Three Equal Partners
Chapter 3 Program Mode – “Automatic For Experts”
Chapter 4 Shutter Priority – “Managing Motion”
Chapter 5 Aperture Priority – Seeing “The Field”
Chapter 6 Manual Mode – “The Deep End of The Pool”
Chapter 7 ISO – The Mode Without a Dial
Chapter 8 Lenses – Focus on THIS!
Chapter 9 Flash – Learning to Love it
Chapter 10 Closing – The Road to Mastery