3 Reasons To Collect Sky Pictures

 To repair “gray skies” in pictures – Here in Rochester, New York we joke about how often our pictures include gray skies.  It’s usually easy to  replace a sky using Photoshop, but the trick is making the image look like it was shot that way, and that means choosing a sky with lighting that’s similar to that of our problem image.  Because of that, it’s important to have a collection of sky pictures with as many different kinds of lighting to pick from as possible.  The shots above are just a few of over a hundred in my collection. Also for you DSLR purists, don’t rule out getting shots with your smart phone cameras for this job.  Consider what the shot will be replacing:  In most cases, a little softness will do the job nicely.

barnwood background

For website or photo backgrounds – Website pages often have background images, and those images can be created from images that you take yourself.  Even if you’re not a website person, consider shooting backgrounds for photos as well.  What’s more, don’t limit your search to just skies:  What about tree bark?  Stone surfaces?  Barn wood?  If you think about it, the list is practically endless.

To improve our vision – Wildlife photographers spot wildlife while driving on country roads.  Wedding photographers see great settings for group shots while sitting in a restaurant.  Why not make shooting backgrounds a priority in your life and begin to see more of your world each day, rather than less of it?

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