10 Hints That You Might Be a Tutoring Prospect

  1. You don’t own a tripod
  2. You describe your blurred pictures as “artistic”, or “soft focus”
  3. The best pictures you take are with your smart phone
  4. You set your picture size to small or medium to save space on your memory card
  5. You believe that real photographers don’t need photo-editing
  6. You believe that real photographers can fix anything with photo-editing
  7. You’ve owned your camera for years, but still aren’t clear on what “f-stops” are
  8. You returned a new camera because it took terrible pictures
  9. You hate flash, and are proud to be “strictly a natural light shooter”
  10. ¬†Your friend asked you to shoot her wedding with your new camera and you said “yes”, adding that you’ll do it alone to save her money

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